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Who we are

This project arose from a family initiative, a family who have worked the land in the Empordà for generations.

Thanks to the recent rebuilding of the cellar, the fifth generation came to the decision to embark on a venture into the world of wine. Our idea centres on a clear defence of the environment and the upholding of our traditions.

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We are located in Esclanyà, a small village to the south of Begur. The village has a long history, conserving elements dating from different Romanesque periods, and an economy traditionally based on the cultivation of vineyards and olive trees.

It was common for the farmhouses to carry out various tasks, and in the case of Mas Nou, the estate where our wines are made, in 2013 we started planting specific grape varieties, as opposed to the existing hybrids already rooted around the nearly 3 hectares of land.

In 2016, Joan Carbó set into motion this idea of returning to the primary sector with the creation of a wine cellar and one year later, his son Pau and the rest of the family began to move the project forward. All of us work towards our goal of putting the fruit of our vineyards into wine bottles so you may have the pleasure of enjoying it.

El celler El celler El celler El celler

The Cellar

Taking advantage of the existing structure, we have added the machinery necessary to produce wines with a meticulous process of fermentation.

In the cellar we use a combination of stainless-steel vats and oak barrels, and we collaborate with experts in coupage.  We consider that once the grapes have been harvested, the setting for making the wine is a key and essential factor in the production chain.

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The Vineyard

All of our vineyards are located in the village of Esclanyà – Begur, located in the heart of the Costa Brava, jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea and influenced by the effects of the characteristic Tramuntana (northern wind) of the Empordà.

In the calcareous fields of the vineyards where we work, we often discover fossil remains. Most are gastropods that almost perfectly conserve their snail-like shapes, proof of the long history that has taken place in our land.

For our red wines, we have varieties of Merlot, Black Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon, while our white wine comes from the fruit of Malvasia grapes. Part of our vineyards are worked with modern agriculture using trellising in order to make the most of our fruit yield. Similarly, we have older vineyards that give us that touch of experience only they can provide.

We always attempt to respect the environment to the greatest degree possible, which is why we use the grape marc as fertiliser, in line with our premise of “you must always give back to the land everything you have taken from it.”

Discover our wines

La vinya La vinya La vinya

With the aim of placing emphasis on our most traditional values and attaining the highest quality, we hand pick all of our grapes.  In order to accurately verify the condition of the grape at the time of harvest, we only make wine from our own crop.

Our Wines

  • White 2021

    A fresh wine, with long silky and elegant finish. It contains the distinctive character of the land in which it was grown, the clay-calcareous fields of Esclanyà – Begur.

    Variety: Malvasia

    Alcohol content: 13º

    Year: 2021

    Delivery in 24h-48h – Free shipping in the villages of Begur, Palafrugell, Regencós and Pals.

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    Blanc 2018 - Celler Esclanya
  • Rosat 2021

    Made from traditional varieties and with the characteristics of grapes grown so close to the Mediterranean Sea, thanks to the sea breeze. Thus, we work with environmentally friendly products.

    Varieties:  Grenache, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Alcohol content: 13.5º

    Year: 2021

    Delivery in 24h-48h – Free shipping in the villages of Begur, Palafrugell, Regencós and Pals.



    Rosat 2018 - Celler Esclanyà
  • Red 2019

    Wine with a distinctive character, with long, deep and persistent mineral notes that capture the personality of this land of clay and slate soils.

    Varieties: Black Grenache, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Alcohol content: 14º

    Year: 2019

    Delivery in 24h-48h – Free shipping in the villages of Begur, Palafrugell, Regencós and Pals.

    Tasting note


    Negre 2018 - Celler Esclanyà
  • Es turo 2018

    The incrustations on this bottle (in our area we call them es turo) represent the faithful testimony of the more than twelve months that this wine was kept beneath the waters of the coast of Esclanyà – Begur, consolidating its underwater ageing process.

    Made and bottled with Merlot and Grenache varieties, grown in the slate and clay soils of Esclanyà, touched by the Tramuntana winds and the salty breeze of the rough seas.

    Varieties: Merlot and Black Grenache

    Alcohol content: 14.5º

    Year: 2018

    Delivery in 24h-48h – Free shipping in the villages of Begur, Palafrugell, Regencós and Pals.



    Sotaigua Negre - Celler Esclanyà
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